Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Falcon Rugby beats Toledo Celtics laden with BG Alums

By Max Householder

The BG Rugby team got another confidence boosting win on Saturday when they took down the Toledo Celtics by a score of 38-10. As mentioned in Fridays preview, the Toledo Celtics are a "Senior men's team"  riddled with Alums of Bowling Green Falcon Rugby.
One of those alums, Joey Newton had the only 2 trys of the day for the Celtics. The game started out slow for the Falcons, much as they expected due to the fact that many of their former players on the Celtics had a knowledge of the Falcons playbook.
"This happens to a certain extent every time we play an Ohio senior men''s team," Rugby Director Roger Mazzarella said.
  "This time was a little exceptional as all the ex-Falcon players had left BGSU within the last two years and were pretty versed in the current Falcon offensive and defensive schemes.
It took a fair amount of hard work for the Falcons to open things but once they got in that 10-0 hole, things only got better. The Falcons at one point even went on a 17-0 tear during a period where Toledo had them down.
Things got interesting just 10 minutes into the second half when 2 Falcon players got ejected, leaving BG at a 13-15 man advantage to Toledo. This had no effect on the ending result as the Falcons were already up 21-10 at that point. In fact, it was also at that point that BG went on their 17-0 tear that put the final tally at 38-10.
It was another dominating scoring effort by the Falcons as scoring trys was Flanker Frank Viancourt, Hooker Mike Brown, Dominic Mauer and Nick Mussara(2). BG will play at Ohio University this Saturday at 1pm.